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Fall 2023 Network Meeting

Fall Network Meeting 2023

Wednesday November 15th, 2023


Via Zoom

Our fall network meeting was attended by 19 people. We discussed the accomplishments and results of the network to date, and plans for 2024

We also received guest presentations from Provincial hydrometric specialists Jon Jeffery and Sarah Hardy.

  • Jon presented on the data processing side of hydrometrics including assessing rating curve stability, how control conditions can affect your data, and the importance of photo documentation.
  • Sarah gave an overview of the types of streamflow data currently available in BC, and how this data is used in decision making including water license applications and temporary flow protection orders.  

View a recording of the meeting here:

The Network shared some new resources that were made available this year:

  • Standard Operation Procedures manual (SOP) – published in May
  • Site Visit Data Sheet  

We also announced the launch of our new project website – which you are currently visiting!

An important point that came up during our meeting regarded safety during winter flow measurements and accessing sites that may be more challenging in winter weather. Safety considerations are a top priority during higher flows. Each monitoring location will have different features and conditions, but all field work should only be conducted when the site is safely accessible.

Some tips for winter monitoring include: wearing proper PPE including waders with a wading belt, proper wading boots, a high-visibility vest, and a PFD. Gloves and hats are recommended during cold weather and a drysuit if this is accessible to you. In addition, always have a minimum of 2 people when taking a measurement, and a team of three people is more ideal so that one person can be positioned downstream of the two conducting the measurement. Remember that it can be hard to communicate when in a stream; make sure everyone understands how best to communicate and what you will be doing before entering the water.

For more safety information, refer to section 1.6 Field Safety in our SOP.

If you are interested in taking some winter high flow measurements this year, BCCF and Provincial staff can help! Contact Ally ( for more info.

Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to attend this meeting, and a special thank you to those who also took the time to speak.

Links to follow:

Provincial Hydrology Program:

Provincial Standards for Hydrometric Operations (RISC)