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Standard Operating Procedures

Designed to help keep our methods and procedures consistent across the Network, this manual provides a good resource for anyone interested in getting started flow monitoring and a refresher for anyone currently engaged in monitoring. The SOP includes information on establishing a new station, benchmarking a station, and collecting field data like stage and discharge measurements. Each section includes detailed step-by-step instructions.

Please see below for the most up to date Standard Operating Procedures manual.

Standard Operating Procedures: Version 1, May 2023 (Includes Appendices)

Data Sheet

NEW JULY 2023 – Use this data sheet to record details of your site visits

Flow Network Data Sheet

Field Guides

These are short instruction documents to refresh your memory!

One-Pager Field Guide: NEW February 2024 – designed as a quick reference sheet to refer to during field visits

*Note: the documents below are also available as appendices attached to our Standard Operating Procedures.

FlowTracker 2: Review the use and operation of the FlowTracker 2, including how to download and share data files
Bucket Fill Method: Review the volumetric bucket fill method and error calculation
Staff Gauge Reading: Review how to read a metric staff gauge to three decimal places
Interpreting Wading Rods: Review how to read a metal wading rod like the one used with a FlowTracker 2


New 2024 – Flow Network Annual Monitoring Calendar.

The general annual timeline for fieldwork at a Community Flow Monitoring Network station. Depending on site conditions and monitoring goals, it will vary between stations. Inquire with the project coordinator if you have questions regarding your station’s specific field work schedule.

Annual Monitoring Calendar (General) – NEW February 2024

Reports and Presentations

Report: Identifying Opportunities for Community Streamflow Monitoring on East Coast Vancouver Island (Dec 2022)
Report: Vancouver Island Community Flow Monitoring Network Pilot Project Station Summaries 2022-2023